Sleeping in class

By ryantconaty

January 13, 2009

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These pictures are about four years old.  I feel like that’s a no-no in the blogosphere but, I’m new here.  Gimme a break.  I was just thinking about them last week and I knew if I didn’t post them now I’d never get around to it.

The reason they came up was I was having a conversation with some other photographers and we came to the subject of access and how it can make or break a project.  At the time I shot these images I was hired by a yearbook company to shoot dance candids, sports and pep rallies… A common assignment was just to get sort of student life pictures.  I began to notice kids asleep in class and I’d shoot them.  Their friends would see me and wake them up and it was a big funny joke.
But can you imagine if I decided to do a project, a serious project on public schools and I explained to the principals that these were the kind of images I was looking for.
Yeah good luck getting in the front door.
At the time I felt like I wasn’t getting paid enough and that this type of work was beneath me or something but in retrospect, I was very lucky to be invited into these people’s lives to observe those average high school days.
I try to think about these pictures when I get an assignment that at first might seem like a real snoozer.



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