Rhode Island House Finance Committee

By ryantconaty

January 14, 2009

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My assignment last evening was to go to the Rhode Island State House and get a stand-alone picture during a meeting of the House Finance Committee and the  fiscal advisor.

Real quick:  we’re in tough shape here in RI. 9.3% unemployment. $360 million deficit…

The parameters for this assignment were that the single picture was to be horizontal and of something other than people sitting at a microphone. So what do I do… bring back lots of vertical pictures of people sitting at microphones obviously.

I’m thinking 9.4% unemployment would put us on top… I’m looking to you Michigan. You’re going down.




One Response to “Rhode Island House Finance Committee”

  1. This is hilarious. I spent over twelve hours with the house finance committee over two days of public hearings and they started to feel like family. And yeah, that’s what you look like after talking through piles of government minutia. I have a new appreciation for how painstaking their jobs are.

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