No Signal

By ryantconaty

January 16, 2009

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I actually sent this portrait.  Perhaps that was a mistake.  I know what the editor is going to say.

“It won’t reproduce on newsprint. “

And he’s probably right, but that’s ok , because we’re in Blogtown now baby and I’m impressed with my own resourcefulness so we’re going to talk about it.

Here’s the story, National Grid got a bunch of equipment for a certificate program at Community College of Rhode Island that teaches contractors to test a home’s efficiency.

So we ‘ve got National Grid lady (Peggy Curran – a sweetheart) and CCRI lady (Tasha Roberts – found me a classroom to shoot in,  very accommodating) and a pile of sensors, meters and gauges.  But no class. Nothing happening at all actually.  So…

Environmental portrait it is! (surprise , surprise.)

Now I know it’s nothing mind-bending and I promise,  I was a good little stringer and hiked my light stands and umbrellas up to the 4th floor and made a more conventionally lighted safety shot.  But for this file (Blue Blog Babes, we’ll call it) I fired up the classroom’s digital projector,  set it to blue screen (because blue, as we all know,  is the most ‘technological’ color) and trained it on the patient women.  You’ll notice the tell tale “No Signal” message at the left of the frame.

Not a portfolio shot by any standard but it was fun and I think our subjects feel it when we’re trying something different, enjoying our job,  and doing our best to make an interesting picture of them.  It relaxes them, which always helps a picture and anyway it’s cheaper than buying gels.

 Have a great weekend.




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