Bright Future, Dark Theater

By ryantconaty

January 20, 2009

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Today I went to see the inauguration at an old theater called the Providence Performing Arts Center.

After hearing all of the speeches and seeing people’s enthusiasm I am ready to say I think our future is bright.  However…

The Providence Performing Arts Center is not.

The PPAC, like any darkened theater, offers some lighting challenges.  I refuse to use straight on strobe.  I feel like that’s for tourists and paparazzi. Despite the high ceilings and maroon walls I decided to attempt to bounce some light around the room and see what I came up with.  This particular frame is a little bit of strobe bounced off a card (my business card actually – it’s all I use them for) and the ceiling.  It’s out of focus and underexposed.  Oh well, we can’t take every picture every time.

Lucky for me, I was taking a picture of the cutest little girl in the world. Come on,  I could take a good picture of this kid with my lens cap on. (Arsenia Brown,4).  Her daycare brought her and 17 classmates to the PPAC and they were all wiggling around on the bouncy cushions, trying to see over the seats in front of them.  One of the teachers was trying to get her to sit still while I was telling the teacher (in my mind) to let the kid have fun ‘cause she was giving me photojournalismic gold.

Anyway, she’s cute.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about today. I want to talk about the silver bearded angel I met in the stairwell holding my canon 50mm 1.8. It was so dark I guess it didn’t make it back into my bag when I changed lenses.   The best reporter I know, Flo Jonic, told me there were 2,500 people there today and I believe her because Flo knows.  So out of all those people, I pass this Good Samaritan in the stairs gingerly holding my 50 like it’s a drink that’s too full.  He was on his way to lost and found.  Dude you rule.  You saved me $89.95 (plus shipping) and restored my hope in my fellow man.


And Hope is sorta’ what today is all about isn’t it.




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