Under the Bridge

By ryantconaty

February 25, 2009

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Remember the video for “Under the Bridge”? It opened with John Frusciante playing that green Fender Jaguar. So cool. That vid was just the bee’s knees for a 15 year old Ryan T. Conaty. I even got a red and white striped shirt and a hat with ear-flaps.

Today’s assignment was just like that.

This ailing overpass is slated to get a rehab once the stimulus dollars start rolling in. The job started a little slow. It was the middle of the day and because it was in a residential neighborhood there wasn’t too much traffic to help me spice up my bridge picture.

Then I thought:

Wait a minute Ryan, aren’t you lazy bones who doesn’t clean out his trunk and, at all times has tons of junk at his disposal like paintball helmets, boy scout uniforms (class A and B) and… fishing waders?

And couldn’t you take this opportunity to don those rubber pants (which you love)?

And then maybe couldn’t you make a totally sweet picture allowing you to include a Red Hot Chili Peppers reference in your blog?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

It wasn’t until later when I was editing that it occurred to me that the only reason I was shooting the bridge was that it was in disrepair and how lucky I was that it didn’t collapse on top of me.

Also that there were no trolls, which I’m told is a problem one is liable to encounter under bridges.



One Response to “Under the Bridge”

  1. Awesome. You’re so clever!

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