Brad Huff for Mayor

By ryantconaty

March 9, 2009

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I know I shouldn’t really endorse candidates because I am a journalist and I’m supposed to be objective but I’m getting on board early with the Huff for Mayor campaign and if that’s wrong… I don’t want to be right.

 For those of you not from my beloved Providence, we have seven proper capitol city sized buildings. The eldest (1922) being a hotel named the Biltmore. If you want to get into the Biltmore chances are you’re going to get past a fella named Brad Huff.

 He’s the doorman. He has an extra funny hat so maybe he’s the head doorman. I don’t know. In any event, because of the size of Providence and the central location of the Biltmore, to do anything downtown, I sorta’ have to pass Brad Huff. So, Meg (who works downtown too) asked a really good question about him yesterday…

 “What’s his deal. I know he’s a doorman but what else does he do? Because he always has this smile on his face like he’s got it all figured out”

And she’s right. He does. He’s always got this grin on his face like Brad Huff and the universe are totally cool with one another.

Now, I’ve seen “Brad Huff for mayor” written on more than one men’s room stall so, I’m sold. I’m making it official. We need a guy like that in city hall.

Brad Huff for mayor.

He knows something.




4 Responses to “Brad Huff for Mayor”

  1. “Brad Huff For Mayor: NEVER DONE TIME” – Are the bumper stickers available yet?

  2. Well done my friend.

  3. Music’s really all i ever wanted.

  4. I was wondering the same thing… then I realized, I know that guy! We went to High School together. I think he actually does have it all figured out, which is something I think we all want….

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