The Best Damn News Team. Period.

If you’re wasting time reading my nonsense ramblings you’ve got way too much time on your hands. Here’s what I need you to do though. Call your friends who have jobs and tell them to donate to Rhode Island Public Radio. They are some of the most dedicated storytellers I’ve met and they’re having their fund drive this week.

Clockwise from left:

Smilin’ Joe O’Connor who wants the job done right. I’ve had so many editors that want the job done now, or done cheap, or done the way the Journal (for instance) does it. From what I’ve seen, ‘Big O’ wants the job done right.

Robert Ames (…and he never misses). Look at him there. Running one of his foot races. You know Amesy is no joke. He’s got a couple decades on me but if I said something that rubbed him the wrong way and he wanted to go out to the parking lot to see what’s what I might have to sneak out the back door.

Bob Seay. Seay of love… Seay note… Broseidon-Greek God of the Seay… I don’t have a nickname for Seay Sickness yet but he’s on the radio passing out small craft advisories before the rest of us are even awake so he’s pretty cool in my book. I’ll work on that nickname…I’m told the Seay is a harsh mistress. Maybe there’s some way I can work that in.

Scotty Mac. You know the guy that can tell you off the top of his head who the shortstop for the Vermont Expos was in 1996 (for instance)? That’s how Mac Attack is with the State House. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s like a walking encyclopedia of Rhode Island Politics if you can even imagine such a thing. Pick a district number; iMac will come back at you with the reps, the senators, their party affiliation, favorite color, their wife’s name and their goomata’s measurements. Scary.


Flo Jonic

Flo is just badass. I’m a photographer not a poet and there’s no way I could ever impart to you how curious yet dignified, elegant and principled yet just friggin BadAss Flo Jonic is.

That said, she would murder me if she ever found out I put a picture of her on my blog. They all would. Lucky for me none of them have enough time to waste reading my nonsense ramblings.

They’re all hard at work.

Doing the job right.

Donate to Rhode Island Public Radio.



6 Responses to “The Best Damn News Team. Period.”

  1. I’m in Portland Oregon, when Flo was here she was just as professional. She worked at KPTV 12. You could see she was too good for such a backwater town. Tell her we miss her and hope she is doing great. AL Ryder

  2. Listen Al Ryder. You’re usually a pretty cool customer but next you’ll be telling me water is wet and the sky is blue. Obviously Flo Jonic is too good for you. Get real man. She’s too good for any of us. Flo Jonic should be living in a castle on the moon and reporting on the future.

    Sorry I got so heated Al Ryder.
    listen, here’s some pictures cats (Flo and Jonic) to cheer you up.

    Thanks for visiting the blog

  3. Where is Megan? Her beauty needs to be on this blog. Megan, if you are reading this I’m thinking of you even though your boyfriend isn’t.

  4. Patrick! language… please.

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