Droppin’ Science

Let me start from the beginning though- this assignment might not have even been. Meg and I share a car right now and she was using it for her day job, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to the shoot until the last minute. Luckily, my old man was able to give me a lift.

Props Ed. Saved my ass. I owe you a coffee.

Also, I should mention here I went into this not expecting to make much of a picture. It was a guy with a website story as far as I was concerned from my perfunctory reading of the photo request. Not as cool as a guy with a, let’s say… a jet-pack, story. I thought. Once again I was wrong. He was one of the most interesting characters.

Andrew Schiller is his name. He’s got a PhD In geography. A Scientist. And he’s made this website that searches over 61,000 neighborhoods in the US to find crime stats, best schools…anything…Portuguese speakers… so you can decide where to live. Neighborhoods now. Not cities or towns. Sub-zip-code searches. Then, it builds a heat map to show you how the surrounding areas stack up.

It was fascinating.

I don’t know. I guess I secretly kinda wish I was a scientist like that. Buildin’ heat maps with my algorithms and whatnot.

Ed and I have an ongoing argument over which is better: Zoro or Astronauts.

The man loves Zoro (but that a whole ‘nother blog post)

Everyone knows that Astronauts happen when a scientist is combined with a fighter pilot and goes to outer space, and that that is the coolest thing mankind is capable of doing.

Schill. You are an awesome scientist and from where I’m sitting, that’s about half way to Astronaut. Pretty cool in my book.

Thank you for letting me hang out with you today.



4 Responses to “Droppin’ Science”

  1. Ryan I would say Zoro over Astronauts. Zoro could kick the crap out of a group of Astronauts , and put a “Z” on them. Hands down, Zoro wins.

  2. You, of all people, are going to fight me on this?

    No way dude. Listen, the word Astronaut is derived from the Greek. It literally translates to “Space Sailor”.

    You think Zoro could beat a sailor?

    I thought sailors were tough.

  3. Wow you blew my mind away on that one. Okay, Zoro is the wimp on this one. Go space sailors Go!!!!!

  4. Hey, it takes a big man to admit a mistake.

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