Swears Like a Sailor.

OK funny story, real quick.

One of my closest boyz, Sean, decided he was going to abstain from using naughty words during Lent.  Every time he swore, he would put a quarter in a jar.

Sounds harmless enough.  He actually strikes most people as a very polite young man.

Here’s the thing though.  Sean is a merchant mariner.  Something must come over a person on the high seas because he’s socked away quite a bit…


Awesome buddy.

You rule.

He’ll be back on land this weekend and I don’t know if he’s chosen a charity for his um… earnings yet but by the sounds of things he might want to consider the Tourettes Syndrome Association.  Help yourself out.

Jeez man. $300.

Imagine if he gave up chocolate.



One Response to “Swears Like a Sailor.”

  1. Dude you wouldn’t realize how much you really curse until you start charging yourself.

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