Federal Hill Demolition


It was a lousy day in Providence Rhode Island today so I decided to walk to my assignment, which was to go to “the nuthouse “ and photograph a lovely woman by the name of Colleen Conley. That’s going to get under the skin of some of you progressives but I’m telling you she was a total sweetheart.On the way I noticed a yellow triple-decker getting torn down so I figured I’d grab a few frames. I wasn’t going to work too too hard but it was in my neighborhood and it’s not the type of thing you see every day so click click click I went.

All of a sudden this strombalone comes out of nowhere:

“ Who the F are you? Where you from? Get the F off my property”

I may or may not have been on his property but don’t worry about that.

Now, I am convinced that he was irate enough that he must have been up to no good. How’s that for my journalistic integrity?

I mentioned the whole fiasco to some friends and the only thing we can come up with is that he thought I had something to do with Forgotten Providence. I don’t have anything to do with Forgotten Providence.

You know what though? If that’s what made this A-hole so angry (in my head) then they must be doing something right. So then, I am throwing the full political sway of ryantonaty.wordpress.com behind their efforts.

So grab your camera and get the F out there and record some of those abandoned houses that likely adorn our neighborhoods.

Or better yet, hire a professional.



4 Responses to “Federal Hill Demolition”

  1. I would thrown a rock at him and then took his picture. However, it is a good story.

  2. Good thing I wasn’t with ya cousin because I would’ve definitely said something right back at that fat meatball to put him right over the top. I feel as if I’m at my best and thrive in those kinds of situations. From there, I’d have to use his face as a speedbag AND eat his lunch for him if he was really looking to get served with a shot at the title. Then we’d simply walk victoriously off in the sunset to the nearest watering hole (with a few tumbleweeds blowing by, of course). Go RTC!!!!

  3. The ‘Dude’ is not to be messed with.

  4. Hi Ryan

    Nice post. Made us laugh. Great picture. If you’re not busy…

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