Seeing Sparks


What’s wrong with me?

You know what I did today? I went to a construction site in Providence to shoot the iron workers ( Local 37 – not to be confused with steel workers who build boats). In an effort to get some dramatic shots of sparks flying I ruined my polarizing filter. There’re about a thousand tiny metal shards stuck in it now.

I guess it’s better than if I didn’t have a filter on it and I ruined the 17-30something lens itself.

Or even worse… my baby blues.



4 Responses to “Seeing Sparks”

  1. Oh man not the polarizer! Cool shot. I have a guy I’m going to do this with soon also. Just have to get to that point.

  2. You should have been wearing your PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). In the future Ryan, you should wear safety glasses, ear buds in to protect from the grinding sound, and a long sleeve shirt on. It isn’t fun getting that stuff into your skin, remember safety first!! Nice shot!

  3. To piggyback on your concerned reader Sean’s comment. All PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as safety glasses, ear protection buds, long sleeve leather arm spark protection shirts, spark blocking helmet, leather spark blocking chaps, and shark skin gloves are fully tax deductible. So save those receipts!

    And that polarizing filter is considered a loss. So be sure to deduct that.

  4. […] remembered that I ruined my polarizing filter (see old blog post) so I decided to drop into Adlers camera store to say hi to Jerri and maybe pick up a new […]

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