Smoke Ring

There’s no big news story or anything. Just a snapshot. I was in traffic a few years ago and some factory or something below the highway I was on belched out this smoke ring. I had forgotten I even had it. I came across the file when I was looking for pictures of my friend Tom to show him how much thinner we both used to be.

For whatever reason though I keep thinking about the smoke ring picture.  I just noticed that little red plane. (He’s kinda cool chuggin’ along up there huh?)

I was going to write this whole thing yesterday about Easter and resurrections. How, on holidays, we’re reminded of family and friends that aren’t around.

I just felt like such a cheese ball though.

If I was a poet I’d come up with something good. Something about impermanence.

I’m not though. I just take still pictures.

And anyway, best not to think too hard about this one. It’s just a snapshot.



One Response to “Smoke Ring”

  1. Looks like a sky jellyfish

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