Test Test Test

This is only a test

do these colors look good?


3 Responses to “Test Test Test”

  1. Looks good. I liked the smoke ring, too.

  2. OK wow. This was never intended to be a real blog post. Megan had a half a New Castle and lost consciousness on the couch next to me so I took the opportunity to toy with some color management issues I’ve been noticing when I publish to the web. They never seem to have the ‘pop’ I was looking for.

    I lacked ‘pop’. my blog needed more ‘pop’

    View>Proof setup>Monitor RGB is going to be included in my workflow from now on. Crank up the saturation +30ish. I think we’ll be in good shape with the ‘pop’ now.

    I shot little Jonnic who happened to be the the nearest victim (it didn’t hurt that he chose the red chair to relax in.) I did my corrections in Photoshop, added the dummy text you see above and put it all on the bus to blogtown.

    I figured it was after midnight (those time stamps are wrong. GMT or something). Nobody would be reading now. I could get away with some color tweeks, learn what I needed to learn, and have it erased and ready for the morning.

    That plan lasted about 5 minutes before The two jokers you see above began to send their feedback.

    No kiddin? you check old R-Con’s Blog in the middle of the night?

    …and comment on it?

    You guys are some of the best friends a fella could ask for.

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