Tea Baggers



This was today’s assignment: Tax Day Tea Party at the Statehouse.

Sub-Assignment: use only your 50mm f1.8

(because you’ll have to walk to your assignment that’s 2 miles away.   Megan is using the car and the fitty-one-eight’s the smallest lightest piece of glass you have you lazy lazy man)

Also: I’m trying a new slideshow thing. Lets see if it works. Let me know what you think.

Honestly I’m not really into it so here’s a normal gallery too.

That said, I don’t retreat from my decision to include The Kinks one inch.



2 Responses to “Tea Baggers”

  1. What did your sign say, and did you get Tea bagged? Nice work on the slide show and picking the Kinks song.

  2. My sign said “Warning: Liberal Media Elite”

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