Who needs those big white lenses?

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous so after work I went over the Observatory lawn for a few innings of Wiffle.

 Had a lot of fun. I got a hit lefty which is always surprising. Somewhere around top 6, I climbed the hill and walked in a dozen or so runs. Taylor, my teammate, defected to the opposing squad. I took Jesse yard at one point to bring in a couple runs late in the game but by that point the damage had been done. There was no coming back for us.

 My fielding suffered as well. In large part because I was trying to shoot the game with my cell phone.

 What do you think?

 Bright and tight: sorta’

 Two faces: sorta’

 Bat on ball: sorta’ 




3 Responses to “Who needs those big white lenses?”

  1. Now I guess I’ll just sit back and wait for SI’s call.

  2. It is horrible picture. I hope Jesse yelled at you the entire time because you guys don’t play baseball with him anymore.

  3. Cell phones cameras are the new holga’s.

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