That’s a little better.

I went to the Fens yesterday. Sox took the birds 2-1. Lester looked fantastic striking out 9 over his seven full innings without giving up a run.

I put this picture of Saito up just because I liked his grimacing face.

He gave up the only O’s run though.

He’s a bum.

Not really.

Anyway it was a good game. Megan asked if anything exciting happened. There really wasn’t… and it was perfect. Ellsbury got surprised by a funny hop and, for a second, I though it was going to be a disaster. One of the Oriels got into a rundown, which isn’t something that happens every game. For the most part though, Lester and Uehara made their pitches, we sang ‘God Bless’ and the afternoon unfolded in front of us.

Sox win. Standells. Run to Back Bay to catch the 4:30 baseball train.

I got my seat (a single season ticket seat on the third base line right over the tunnel) from a reporter who got it from a reporter who, allegedly, wasn’t feeling so good so he couldn’t make it.

I know this because the Schwartzes, who were sitting in the row behind me, wanted to know who I was and why was I sitting there and did I know if Charlie was ok?

I will say Mrs. Schwartz seemed to be a big fan of Boston’s Nick Green and not once did she mention the thirty year old’s abilities at short stop or .286 batting average. It was cute though.

I mean, doesn’t that make you feel good? That they care about the guy that sits by himself in the row in front of them at Fenway, enough to get into it with me, like they were making sure I deserved to sit there?  That’s just great. I love baseball.

Get well Charlie.

Go Sox.



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