I decided to spend my morning in SCANdinavia

So today my thoughts turned to camera-less imaging, in part because nobody hired me for any camera-ed imaging yet (401-580-7013 : tell ’em Ryan sent you.). What the heck though, it’s something I’ve always wanted to mess with and I had a pretty good week so far… NYTimes assignment (which I nailed)…booked a wedding (sort of-second shooter-but whatever)…a local arts magazine is writing a feature about me…so I have no problem wasting a morning.

Now, I think of myself more as a reporter than I think of myself as an artist or anything like that but I’ll tell you what, I’m not unhappy with my morning “these are a few of my favorite things” project.

Besides that, the cats really seemed interested in assisting me with the fishing lure scan.

I would have included them too. They are some of my favorite things but, I just couldn’t get them to sit still on the flatbed.

maybe once they’re asleep.

Megan too.



R-Con Extra: here’s what they look like big





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