Dirty Pictures

Did you ever have one of those day…

(I’m talking to the photographers in the audience now)

Did you ever have one of those days when it seems like every time you push the button you make a picture?

I think I might be feelin’ the flow a little this weekend. First of all it was cloudy so there was this soft light all morning which is a plus. Plus, everyone was in a good mood and interested in who I was with and, was their picture going to be in the paper? In the good way. The “Hey! this is a lot of fun! I’m glad you’re here to see it and show everyone else Ry” way without continuing to overbearing “cameraman! take my picture, take my picture” stage. This was my 39th frame of the day too and when you get something you’re happy with early on in the assignments (which isn’t often) it encourages you to outdo yourself or something. You know you have something to bring back to your editor so you can relax and take it all in, figure people out and ponder light a little and make your pictures without worrying. You do a better job when you’re relaxed.

(I’m talking to everyone now.)

You do a better job when you’re relaxed.

Anyways, the down side is now I have a ton of editing to do. I’ll make you a gallery when I’m done how ’bout?

It’s going to be a while though. I cycled my poor old (filthy) 10D’s shutter 904 times today. Yeah, I have a ton of editing to do.

Tell you what though…I bet ya I’ll be done editin before URI sophomore, James Mouchon and freshman, Kathryn Capone get all the mud out of  the little nooks and crannies.



Here’s that gallery I promised


10 Responses to “Dirty Pictures”

  1. Wow! Mud on the camera and everything. Good work Ry.

  2. That was me, not Ryan!

  3. Hmmm… this one has a certain “decisive moment” (as in Henri Cartier-Bresson), feel to it. Ever hear of that guy?

  4. This is the filthiest picture I’ve ever seen you take. I”m surprised at you, surprised.

  5. Editorial note: this blog post was originally named ‘Oozeball’ after the name of the mud volleyball tournament the picture was taken at but after reading Mat’s comment (above) I realized that ‘filthy picture’ was a funny play on words and I’d better steal it for my new title.

    Good call Mathew Michael Hodges. You are good with words. You should be a writer or something.

  6. Do you happen to have any others that you can put up?

  7. Thanks, Ryan. I’ll consider it.

  8. Nathaniel.

    “Good… but what else do you have?”

    It sounds like you, my friend, could have a future as a photo editor.

    Check out the gallery I posted a link to there, I suspect you are a URI student looking for some shot of you and your friends. I have so many files, for me to make a web gallery just for you, and you to go through them all… it wouldn’t be any fun for either of us. I have to do another edit though for my original client, The Alumni Association, so I will be going through it all again this week. The best I can tell you is, if you have facebook, send me (ryan t. conaty) a friend request so I can get a look at you and I’ll keep an eye out for you when I edit. Then maybe I can hook you up this once.

    unless I’m way off and you are a grown-up with a check book. Then email me at ryanfoto@ryantconaty.com and we can figure out some licensing terms.

  9. Call me at 831-229-1426!!! I’m available 24/7

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