Adler’s going out of business sale.

My bad. I’m a dirty liar. I have one more piece of bad news for the shutter-bugs before the week is out. It’s important though.

Here’s what’s up:

I finished my work today. Sent some emails. Firmed things up for my wedding shoot this weekend. Wrote an essay actually (‘turns out I’m literate). All admin gobbel-d-gook though. I hadn’t shot a single frame by the afternoon. My eye got to wandering away from the paperwork stuff and I checked out some of my favorite picture blogs. I’m not going to point fingers but one of the blogs got me thinking about street photography. 

Long story short, I set out on a stroll to steal some souls and wound up downtown where I knew there’d be plenty of people to ignore me.

I remembered that I ruined my polarizing filter (see old blog post) so I decided to drop into Adlers camera store to say hi to Gerry and maybe pick up a new filter.

The good news it I got one for a great deal. It cost $1. The bad news:  It’s because Adler’s camera store is going out of business. After 82 years. The camera store Gerry’s great grandfather opened is no more. Camera stores aren’t really my thing. It’s not like a hangout like a barber shop, or skate shop or a music store or anything but Gerry is a good guy. I liked knowing he was down there, plugging away at the family biz. 

I mean my hands aren’t clean. There’s some B&H on my credit card bill.

Oh well, I guess you don’t know what you have until you lose it.

From now on I’m going to buy all my new picture thinga-m-jigs and doo-hickies at SBI.

From their newest employee, Gerry Adler. 



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