Congratulations Melindah!

I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement ceremony on Sunday. Melindah and her husband Rhu are of Indian descent so most of the attendees were dressed really colorfully plus, it was late in the afternoon when the light was just right… really a dream for a photographer. There was tons of Indian food too, which is also a photographers dream… well, this photographers dream anyway. Thanks Melindah and Rhu.

Here, the bride is being marked with a bindi. Traditionally it was a symbol of a married woman in certain parts of India. In most cases these days the bindi is just a decoration but lucky for us photogs they still include the symbol in the engagement ceremony.

Here’s some more shots from Sunday.



3 Responses to “Congratulations Melindah!”

  1. Beautiful pic!

  2. However you got those colors, they’re amazing. The skin tones are great, the little greyish tone, very cool.

  3. I wanna say my white balance was set to sun. I de-saturated a lil bit and added a touch of a warmth with the “photo filters”. I could never play like this for newspapers but with a wedding it’s ok. doesn’t it look cool? I was happy with the toning too. seems to go with the scene. thanks for noticing Nak.

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