Sony Ericsson Z-750a


The camera on my new phone works surprisingly well.


As a rule I go to the mobile phone store once every two years. I go to the mall and I say “what’s the cheapest one you have?”  They give me some piece of junk made of the same plastic ping-pong balls are made of , renew my contract and that’s that. 

Last week though there was a disturbance in the natural flow of things. I sat on my phone. I ruined the screen and had to get a new one. 

As luck would have it, between my house and the mall, there is a pawn shop. I never go to pawn shops. I’ve never bought anything from a pawn shop (but always liked the idea of it.)  But for whatever reason I figured I’d pop in just to see what the cell phone situation was. I wound up with this Sony flip job with a camera built into it. 

It works so good!

Every couple years I tell the mall cell phone folks “I don’t need one of those fancy ones, I have a camera everywhere I go anyway.”  I  love this thing though. I know I know it’s like 1900s technology… but it works so good! I never knew. This is exciting.

Know what?  I’m gonna do a little project with it.



3 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Z-750a”

  1. Who’s that babe in the baseball cap?

  2. Yeah she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. just some girl. I don’t know what she was doing standing there on the street corner but she was wearing ‘Daisy Dukes’ and I thought I’d better take her picture.

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