Old Man Horton


‘Old Man Horton’ is the first to tell you he’s not the biggest dog in the fight. But today I saw him stand up in statehouse hearing room 313 and defend men twice his size. Men who could not defend themselves. Because they weren’t in statehouse hearing room 313. They are in the adult correctional facility.

…And these men are innocent.

Nick Horton is a policy researcher for the Family Life Center and he was in 313 as an advocate for the “Justice and Innocence” bill.

Because of the way probation law works in Rhode Island (and two other states), 1 in 15 prison sentences are for charges later dismissed or for which the defendant is acquitted. So say Nick and the Family Life Center.

He’s really the expert though (made a movie and everything) so I’m not going to do anyone the disservice of getting into the detail with you here.

I will say though there is plenty of fight in ‘Old Man Horton’. He done good in 313 today and I’m fortunate I get to be friends with him.


-also, I noticed the Statehouse needs a mow.


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