Rally NY


Ok so kind of a weird day so far.

First of all: I’m typing to you from the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa Empire Lounge.

I’m here in up-state New York to take some pictures of a car rally. I’m new to shooting motorsports but if they’re usually like this I don’t know if I can keep it up.   About half a dozen cars went by (that was totally awesome and I yelled so.)

“That was awesome!”

Then someone wrecked. Wicked bad I guess too because they stopped the race and called all sorts of rescue vehicles. I happened to be standing next to driver’s wife and kids. They were completely distraught (It kills me to have to shoot sad wives and kids. It’s part of the thing though.) Then they don’t know if they can get to them because… turns out there’s a reason why they enter sports cars in rallies and they don’t enter fire trucks in rallies. They get stuck. Now, all these dudes in the crowd charge over to push the fire truck (to no avail because the thing is filled with literally 2 tons of water in it.) What are you going to do though? Your friend is hurt/ you push the truck. makes sense. I’d have pushed the truck too.  

Whew. In any event, I heard they took the co-driver to Westchester Hospital in a helicopter. The driver is back at  the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa. Broken clavicle. Broken hand. Ashen faced- feels like he hurt his friend. Probably done with the sport.

I’ll keep you posted.



4 Responses to “Rally NY”

  1. I don’t know too much more. They’ve induced a coma and are treating the co-driver for head/chest injuries…So says the Daily Freeman.


  2. Another photographer from the event (Pete Kuncis – http://www.onalimbracing.com) has on his facebook

    ” Our friend Mr Sweeney is being moved from trauma to ICU. May be home Mon or Tue.”

    so that’s good to hear. keep your fingers crossed.

  3. just got word from my friend Joao. Sweeney (the navigator) is going to be ok.

  4. Wild story, Ry.

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