Inside “God’s House”

You can’t make this stuff up.

One of my long-term projects is about a couple who call themselves God’s House. Their names are JC (Lee Eckers) and Rachel (Theresa Bellavance.)They dress completely in white and prophesize the end of the world. Pretty far fetched, you bet, but when I met them the were homeless and now, through an equally  unbelievable turn of events, they live in a mansion (No joke a proper mansion… eight bathrooms.) So who knows. I’m glad they survived the winter though. I’m going to continue photographing them and we’re just going to see how this all turns out. 


… murals and vases and stuff.

… plays golf in the yard.

… servants quarter.





4 Responses to “Inside “God’s House””

  1. Beautiful pic dude. Can’t wait to see what comes.

  2. Are they getting a tv show now?

  3. Ryan I read about them in the local paper from time to time. The paper’s site is They had some legal problems involving squatter’s rights and what not. It’s an interesting history with several people having been involved with the group over the years. I remember talking to you about them once. I see them around town all the time.

  4. good for them. hope the new digs don’t change ’em.

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