My friend Sean, the merchant mariner, only has a couple days before he has to go back out to sea so we were hanging out yesterday. I was editing some work and I guess it’s not a whole bunch of fun to watch someone caption pictures so he hooked up my old Atari 2600 and played every game I have. Between the Atari on tv and all the Michael Jackson on the radio I feel like it’s 1984 in my house.

Fun fact: When I was 7 my dog (Oreo) chewed up the top of my favorite joy-stick (right before he went to go live on a farm). That joystick is still capped with the BMW gear shift knob Andy Cavanagh gave me in Mrs. Kiely’s first grade class. I guess I’ve gotten 25 years of use from it so thanks Andy.



here’s a list of my games:

3-d Tic-Tac-Toe

27 Tele-Games (shooting gallery…)




Dodge ‘Em



Indy 500


Keystone Kapers

Missile Command



Pole Position

River Raid (which I dominate at. I will destroy anyone at River Raid)

Space Invaders (seen above)

Star Raiders

Star Wars


I have some doubles too if you want to trade or whatever.


3 Responses to “Atari”

  1. I throwing down at you on River Raid. I will crush you at it. You got nothing.

  2. I used to love Pole Position, and Space Invaders should almost go without saying. But there, I said it.

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