Air Show 2.0 ( Ryway to the Danger Zone )


I took the highway to the danger-zone again Sunday. I returned to Quonset Point Air Station for the air show and turned into a seven year old for a few hours. I gotta say the f22 Raptor is really a wicked thing to see in action. It was the first time I’ve seen one and it was very impressive. Still pictures only give you part of the story. It’s totally unbelievable how this weapon moves. When you’re done here, head on over to youtube and check it out. If you know any terrorists tell them to watch too cause they’ll see and just be like ” Yup. No prob, you win.”

The Canadian Snow Birds performed which was also a first for me. There are nine aircraft that take part in the demonstration and it makes a big difference. It’s really something to see that many planes flying next to one another. Their moves are more elegant than other teams I think. Plus the planes are smaller and slower which results them being able to stay in front of you, where you can see them, for more of the show.

The Blue Angles are still the best though. Their formations are so tight. It’s like they’re nailed together. Where our neighbors to the north exhibit  long flowing arks the American performance is faster and louder and faster and more awesome and in general more of an experience than just a show. They’ll throw the FA-18’s into these super aggressive banks that results in split-second long storm clouds over the jet’s dorsal section and wing tips. If the other planes sky-dance the Hornet is in a fight with the sky. When the solos took off… one guy did an afterburner take off. So he’s going along the runway…picks it up… then the nose just goes up, the plane lets out a noise that makes all the kids cry and man… he was gone. It was like airplane, airplane, airplane, Rocket! Then the other solo. This was sweet too. kept it just (like, i don’t know 25 yards) off the deck until he hit the end of the runway and the jetwash kicked up a huge plume of dirt. I’ve never see that before. 

The pictures don’t do it justice. It was really poetry in motion.

…no it wasn’t.

It was rock and roll.



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