God’s House Golf

Jesus and Moses are on the front nine when they encounter a water hazard.

Jesus says to Moses “Pass me my 5 iron.”

Moses responds “Your 5 iron? You can’t make that shot.”

“I think I can, I saw Tiger Woods pull it off just last weekend”

Reluctantly, Moses hands over the 5 iron which Jesus promptly uses to shank his ball in to the water.

“Told you”, Says the prophet, pleased with himself.

“A little help?” asks Jesus.

Moses strolls over and parts the water, tip-toes into the mud and retrieves the errant ball.

Moses hands it over and and Jesus just drops it on the grounds and sets up with his 5 iron again.

“What are you doing? You just proved you can’t make that shot.”

“Man I’m telling you, I just saw Tiger Woods do it. I got this.”

“Listen Jeez we’re already causing a scene. I’m not helping you if you put it in the drink again.”

-Son of God takes a cut-


Without a word an irritated Jesus wanders out onto the water in search of his ball.

Now, by this point other golfers have begun to gather.

“Look at that guy walking on water! Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?” one of the golfers remarks.

Moses says “No, he thinks he’s Tiger Woods.”




No, he thinks he’s Tiger Woods.

Get it?




Anyway, I visited JC and Rachel again yesterday and they seem like they’re doing fine.

 Have a good weekend.




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