I went to the 7th annual RI Strongman competition in Portsmouth Saturday. Sorry it took a couple days to put on the blog. There were a whole bunch of pictures to edit through and I had some other work to take care so it kinda had to take a back seat for a couple days. It was interesting (the first strongman competition I’ve ever been to) and so over those couple days, I’ve told all my friends about the competition. The car carry, keg press and Atlas stones. And everyone has the same response when I tell them I went to a Strongman event…

They laugh and ask “to compete?” 

Sadly no. Saturday’s trials were mostly a test of physical strength, putting yours truly at a disadvantage. What’s worse is these strong men would probably give me a run for my money in a popularity contest too. Good guys. These giant gentlemen were some of the gentlest giants I’ve met. They could’ve killed me with their bear hands but instead they killed me with kindness. After the trophies were handed out Rick North, the RI Strongman Chairman had all the participants back to his house to partake in some tallboys donated by Narragansett beer.

Funny because it usually isn’t until after a few ‘Gansetts that I’ve ever tried to lift up a car.



here’s a few more pix


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