cell phone pix


Megan read something yesterday that said, basically, when  it comes to blogs, readers are looking for conaty not quality…um… excuse me… quantity not quality.

” You should post as frequently as possible so that folks become accustomed to seeing new content and then you’ll become a regular stop on their daily rounds” she says.

Well fine, love of my life, here now are 11 picture (accrued over the last month) from my cell phone.

My fave is the ‘Never Ending Story’ van.




One Response to “cell phone pix”

  1. That was awesome set. However, I do like the little stories that Ryan leaves with his photos. Please keep this up from a regular viewer. I would also go with the Lovely Megan’s advice every so often. It keeps it spiced up. Oh i notice the small smile face in the lower left hand corner of the white part of the screen incase the other viewers missed it. You are a cheeky one there Ryan.

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