Spot Wedding (Busy Day 2)

A wedding photographer I’ve never met hired by a company I’ve never done business with got into a car accident and couldn’t make his gig. The wedding photography company picked my name out of thin air (found me on NPPA actually) and asked if I could shower and be in Newport an hour away in a half hour…

I eat up spot news but this was to be my first ‘spot wedding’

It was her special day and it’s been in the works for two years.

Besides I like a challenge.

Good luck Mr. and Mrs. Stinson

…and for goodness sake drive carefully.



6 Responses to “Spot Wedding (Busy Day 2)”

  1. Don’t you just love surprise work? We should celebrate possibly tonight.

  2. Thanks for coming to our rescue! You were awesome I can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  3. This was my daughter’s wedding.

    The pictures you took are fabulous. Some of the angles ..I can’t help but wonder if you really were swinging from the chandeliers. Thank you for a great job and filling in in a picnch!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness. comments! I’ve been away in Portland Oregon, visiting my lady’s parents for a few days. I’m so glad you like the pictures. I think you give me too much credit. You guys made my job so easy. Under the circumstances, most couples would’ve been pretty high strung but these two- the entire family in fact, was so relaxed and welcoming. That makes all the difference. I should be thanking you; I wish all my assignments were like that. I hope I did a good job for them. Let’s just ask Jared and Jennifer’s great grand-kids what they think of the pictures in 60 or so years. If they say my pictures are any good maybe I’ll stick with this photography business.

  5. I’m sure all our great great grand-kids will love them!

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