“That Job Sucked Anyway”

I just wanted to remind everyone that the talented Megan Hall (seen above being all easy on the eyes) will be playing people’s stories from her audio project entitled “That job Sucked Anyway“. She’s been working on it for months with help from friends  Sue Ellen Kroll, and Tom Van Buskirk and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty good. Meg was editing down in the kitchen the other day while I was upstairs in the bedroom and I found myself lying with my ear to the floor and listening to the stories through the vent. Funny stuff. She does a good job. Most of the stories are about the end of lousy jobs folks have had either because they got fired or quit in some spectacular way. Check it out at 5:30 at Burnside Park or downstairs at Local 121 if it’s raining.



3 Responses to ““That Job Sucked Anyway””

  1. This is a good photo and going to be a fun event. However, Ryan I think you need to do a better Photo/Blog on Megan in the future please. Maybe follow her around one day or something, I just a thought for you other viewers would enjoy this also.

  2. Sean, I think you need a photo blog. While we are rotting away here in the Ocean State you are out seeing the world. Ryan and I will pitch in to buy you a camera. Right Ryan?

  3. I’ll donate to the “Get Sean a Camera” fund.

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