I’m not a camera guy. I mean I am in as much as I make a living with one but I’ve always been careful not to get too caught up in getting all the newest gear. I feel like they’re all the same anyway. Boxes of circuits and mirrors. And there’s always going to be something else to buy, some newer faster smaller thingamajig. So it’s best to just keep my head in the game and concern myself with people’s stories instead. Plus, ya’ figure some of the best shooters I know tote around these jalopy cameras. There’s something respectable, even cool, about that. I also think there’s something to be said for acquainting yourself with your tools too. When you hold an object in your hand every day for six years… well whatever. You get the idea. 

Keep it together man.

Blackie (I’m kind of a Clapton fan) is having some issues now. Error 99! So yesterday I took delivery of very lightly used 40d. I took it out and began making pictures of the old girl thinking maybe I’d try to get a few bucks for her on craigslist or something. Then I remembered I was a sentimental SOB and all the good times we had and I decided to make picture for the  blog instead. I think the 10d might go to pasture now. Lotta’ hard miles on that body. She’ll sit up there on the shelf next to my Dad’s polaroid and my Grandfather’s Yashica and remind me of a simpler time… When a fella could get away with just three and a half frames per second and 6.3 megapixels. 

It’s just a box of circuits and mirrors.

Just keep telling yourself that Ry.



2 Responses to “Blackie”

  1. i feel ya conaty. i ❤ my lil nikon d40. i will cry the day she dies.

  2. Single tear just rolled down my cheek.

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