Hula Bird

I was photographing at the Newport Folk Festival today and I have quite a few pictures to look over and edit but I wanted to toss one out there for y’all to take a look at before I hit the sack.

I was taking this young lady’s picture as she Hula-Hooped only to realize I’d been underexposing the pictures. I was looking at my monitor and making some adjustments when I looked up and she was flipping somebody off. I gave the shutter speed dial a few clicks, fired off three frames and hoped for the best. 

I got lucky with the exposure and I think the frame is not without charm.



5 Responses to “Hula Bird”

  1. That is awesome, do you think she can walk and chew gum at the same time? I hope the Newport Folk Festival was a good time.

  2. I want more folk photos!

  3. Now, there’s a sweet, sweet touch of Rhode Island class. I dig it.

  4. Not without charm at all – quite charming in fact!

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