Portland color

Holy macaroni it was hot again today. I’ve been going so slow that here I am sending pictures at almost midnight. As I sit here waiting and watching the FTP fetch dog icon run in place I’m looking over my tourist shots from Portland last week. I went for a wedding and didn’t bring my camera on purpose so I would slip into work mode by accident (… also Megan was happy I didn’t have an excuse not to dance.) Anyway I did walk my camera a time or two and as I flipped through my snapshots from those camera walks I noticed there were some colorful pictures in there. I always think of Portland as this gray rainy place but check out the pictures… wrong again Ry.



4 Responses to “Portland color”

  1. I saw this thing on the food network about VooDoo Donuts once. Did you eat one?

    • Yes, I had a chocolate frosted which was fine. A little heftier than Dunkin’s but nothing crazy about it. I also had a bite of a Portland creme doughnut (same as a Boston creme (fun fact: Portland was almost named Boston but “Portland” won in a coin toss… I’ll let you Wikipedia that)) and I had a few bites of a maple/bacon bar. It probably goes without saying but any time you can combine doughnuts and bacon you’re going to come up with something good. They also do weddings and a dozen doughnuts are included!

  2. I’d probably get married if I got some donuts out of the deal

  3. Dude, that bacon maple bar is pretty fucking incredible.

    I’d go back to portland just for that.

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