Kiddie Carnival

Listen to how lucky I am.

I got a new client, a major metropolitan newspaper, and today was my first shift.

‘Cause I’m the new guy, my photo slip probably should’ve involve a gold shovel or giant check but instead I pulled a slip that basically said ‘go take pictures of colorfully dress children dancing in the park’.


It was a great first-day assignment. There were pictures everywhere I turned. I was a little nervous (trying to impress my new editors) I’m fortunate not to have make a soup-sandwich out of my new opportunity. You have to be careful not to try too hard.



3 Responses to “Kiddie Carnival”

  1. Okay – cancel my subscription to the Globe and bring on the Herald!

  2. I’m pretty sure some of those kids are victims here, especially peacock boy; fairly certain that’s gotta be child abuse. Good job documenting these cases, Ryan. I’m proud of you.

  3. awesome job chap. Remember us when you are famous

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