Congrats Pat!

Now we get to the main event of this whole trip. Celebrating Pat and Genevieve entering the bonds of holy matrimony. I was there as a witness not in a professional role but what the heck? I had my camera, all my best friends in the world were there, Nikki was crying her little heart out… someone’s bound to get shot.

Good luck you crazy kids.



7 Responses to “Congrats Pat!”

  1. Hmmm…

    This “hole matrimony” of which you speak sounds interesting. Does it have something to do with golf? Or cribbage, perhaps? Can you tell us a little more about it? Thanks!

  2. Maybe when you’re older I’ll explain it. Just kidding. Good catch, nothing gets by you.

    For next time though, if I wanted an editor I’d get a job.

    Thanks Dad.

  3. “whiteness” too….unless that’s what you meant….maybe it’s a Kentucky thing.

  4. Joram’s right-whiteness [or whitebread] is everythang down south.nice pics but who’s the guy with the coat\hat[yamica?].that dude’s slovenly.someone should have told him to tuck in his shirt.

  5. aw great pics ryan!!

    • See that everyone? “great pics ryan!!” Short and sweet. That’s how we comment. There’s no need to bring up spelling and grammar. Thank you Caity. Thanks for showing a little class.

  6. T-Bone, that’s my Pops, Mikey B! His handle bar mustache could kill a man, so watch out.

    “Great Pics Ryan!”

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