Binocular Beach

Well here we are, the final weekend of summer. Would you believe that I hadn’t been to the beach yet? I got a day in yesterday. Right under the wire. I went with a few of Meg’s friends to Horse Neck about 45 minutes up 195 in Westport MA (the Olds did 28.3 MPG in case anyone was wondering.) Ian let me try out his pair of binox and rather than just ogle women like a normal person I tried to see what would happen if I shot a few frames through them. If I was going to guess I’d call them about a 5 or 600 f. 11. I don’t know if what that translates to held up to a 30mm 1.4 but 20% of the time it worked every time. Like I said, I only made a few frames (for fear that the women might think I was ogling them) but you get the idea.

Best hang on to those white lenses.



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