I’ve Had an Epiphany

This story begins with an Englishman in Swansea Massachusetts. So far as I can tell the Englishman is just about the best wedding photographer there is so when he asked me to be his second shooter on a job, I was like, “I’ll be your wingman anytime.”

So the big day rolls around and we’re shooting away. You have to understand that this venue was lighted very nicely for a reception but it presented some problems for those of us who dislike the strobe. I mean, I know you need it. You can’t really work without it but you need to be conservative with it so it doesn’t look like you used it. If you aren’t careful your big strong strobe will lean hard on your helpless ambient. Forget about your whites balance matching anything. It takes a lot of brainpower to keep all your plates in the air. Then you’re diffusing and bouncing or stretching with your off shoe cord and you’ve got your slaves on the wrong channel. Wondering who uses ‘multi’? all the while missing moments. It’ll just drive a guy crazy.

And that’s just what happened.

Brain cooked, I did a total 180. Like Mr Hyde (at home in the dark) I switched my flash from scalpel to sledge hammer and I attacked. Swearing a little on the inside. Oh man, it felt so good to be bad. I was like Boom! Picture! Ba-boom! Picture!

(I wish I had one of those flashes from the old west. You know what I’m talking about. With the explosion and the smoke. That would rule.)

Anyway, I’m not saying I’m going to do it every day. I can quit any time I want. Since the wedding I’ve actually been very mild mannered with my light. I just kinda like knowing it’s there if I need it. Did I take the low road? Yes I did. But it still got me where I was going.

Now, I just hope the Englishman is happy.



One Response to “I’ve Had an Epiphany”

  1. awesome awesome awesome . . . you can be my wingman anytime dude!!

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