Because there’s always room for cute kids on this weblog…

I just want to introduce you to Jedi. Sometimes you get lucky and in this case his name works out perfectly for the event I was shooting. Lego model makers were assembling a giant R2D2 at the South Shore Shopping Center yesterday and kids got to help.

The picture editors out there are probably saying something like, ”But Ryan, sure you’re a ruggedly handsome and easy to work with fellow with reasonable day rates (401-580-7013) but where’s R2? I can’t use this picture for the paper.”

Yes, you are right. I couldn’t get the kid named Jedi in the picture with the giant R2D2. What are ya’ going to do? [You] can’t take every picture every time I guess. Anyway, that’s what they invented the Internet for.

There’s always room for cute kids on this weblog.


I have some overalls that are probably more useful but I’m not head over heals in love with them either. I thought I might be needed for another assignment so I had to get back to the shop before they put R2’s dome on. He needs his dome.


One Response to “Legos!”

  1. “I taught, (endured), your fickle alphabet…
    We wrestled arms – You knew you couldn’t lose.
    I gave you Hope – Did you think I’d forget
    The legos you had hidden in my shoes?”

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