Rods and Reels

I have a very old friend named Byron Hocker. He’s trained as a motorcycle mechanic and he primarily photographs cars for a living. We share an affinity for the automobile and on Saturday he took his business partner Gary and I to the Rustic Drive-in’s ‘Rods and Reels’ event to check out some classic cars (we didn’t stick around for the [movie] reels.)

What stuck with me most was the strong ‘rat rod’ contingent. ‘Rat rods’ are one of my favorite genre of classic. You know what I’m talking about: flat black/white walls. They’re traditionally pretty banged up. dented and rusty. I don’t mean they are in disrepair though. Actually, my understanding is they are one of the more reliable hot rods… in part because there isn’t much on them to break. It’s a whole lifestyle too. The greased back hair. A tattoos on one arm, a blond bombshell on the other. Just between you and me, I’d like to try being rockabilly for a while but you know what Dolly Parton says? “It takes a lot of money to look that trashy.”

Oh well. Maybe someday.

For now here’s a few pictures I liked from Saturday. I tried to stick with people rather than just the cars since it is a whole lifestyle. It’s hard when the cars are so pretty.


PS: If, like me, you’re a sucker for the dames, was there taking pictures. Good stuff. Check ’em out.


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