Workin’ man

True fact: Being a photojournalist isn’t just all fun and games.

Sometimes I’m up with the sun – off on the run – makin’ money money cause I wanna have fun.

Today I had a few assignments. I figured I’d share them with you here on the world wide. They were all at construction sites for business stories. Brown University gave me a hard hat to wear (which I love.) Now, maybe you can shake a stick at a few of today’s shots but keep in mind (I didn’t submit all of pictures here) these are also hard workin’ business folks I’m shooting. They don’t have all day to babysit yours truly. I gotta get in there and do my photojournalism on ’em before their next business meeting.

I think the paper’ll be happy with what I sent. I do my best. That’s all I can do.



2 Responses to “Workin’ man”

  1. Where are the pictures of some cranes? If you want Ryan I’ll bring home some other PPE to go with your hard hat. We got safety glasses and other cool stuff for those work sites.

  2. Cool…. in one of those pictures there’s what my nephew calls a “dig-dig” and man does he love ’em. Sweet dig-dig, Ryan.

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