You’ve crossed me for the last time Tom Cruise!

It’s not Tom’s fault. I just dropped the ball. I did my best…

Here’s the story: They (Tom and Camerine… ‘Cam’ I call her… really a sweet girl… but nevermind that) were shooting the fiery plane crash scene to their new movie, Wichita, in a Massachusetts corn field. Fine. I was supposed to shoot a picture the ignition of something like 350 gallons of gas for the paper. The explosion was to take place sometime between midnight and four. Finally, at 5:30 as I’m kneeling in a muddy field making second-and-a-half long exposures of the distant glow of movie lights… BaBoom!!! No warning. Just the most fire I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the second most if you count the sun but, no joke, this was like a healthy city block’s worth of fire. It was totally awesome and after sitting in a wet field for 5 hours I was totally unprepared. I’m sorry Tom.

As my punishment I have decided to go see Wichita.



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