Doughnuts and Deposits

Today’s assignment was to swing past the first ever combined bank/coffee shop for some pictures. It’s a new thing they’re trying out in Bellingham Mass. One side is a bank, the other is a doughnut shop. So next time you’re enjoying a jelly stick and you think ‘hey, this would be even better if I could open a mortgage,’ you won’t have far to go. Most of their customers were using the drive through, so I was pressed for subjects, but I was able to ambush a couple patrons and make these pictures. In any case, if you want to be able to tell your grandkids that you were there when in 2009, they decided to marry a bank to a doughnut shop, you can see this modern marvel with your own eyes at the grand opening Thursday. I’ll bet the doughnut side will be passing out free samples but I’m sot so sure about the bank. OK enough of that.

I want to do a black and white project. Color offers so many challenges and I love it. Plus, lets face it… the world is color, not shades of gray (I don’t get why us journalist look the other way on that but we’ll save that for another blog.) But all my favorites work in black and white and I’ve never committed to using it for a body of work. Maybe I don’t do serious enough projects. B+W seems like it can amplify the gravity of a situation pictured. I want to do a black and white project though. I’m going to keep me eye out for something.

Or maybe if any of the picture editors out there wanted to assign me…?



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