Halloween Healthcare

Last night the Progressive Democrats of America, RI and Health Care for America Now, Moveon.org and “BillionairesforWealthcare” hosted a rally on the steps of city hall followed by a march through the streets of Providence.  I didn’t shoot it for any client and I always feel a little bad for the folks I’m shooting when their effort will only be seen on this little picture blog of mine but, hey, it’s better than nothing I suppose. As I said earlier I’ve been itching to practice seeing in gray-scale so when I saw a press release that included some fired up citizens in costumes in a low light situation I grabbed it. Also, my favorite activist, Ivette Luna, was going to be there. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the woman without a megaphone in one hand, a placard in the other and being followed by at least a hundred people. She’s just so good at her job you can’t help but take her picture.  Unfortunately the only good one I have is (in this very loosely edited gallery) when she stood still for a second next to a lighted sign to check her cell phone. Once Ivette has all our human rights taken care of, I think we should put her in charge of getting me editorial clients (so my pictures will have a place to go besides this blog). She is very persuasive. Oh well.

Until then, she’ll probably just want you to write a letter to your representatives and tell them everyone should have healthcare.






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