Here we are. It’s Friday and I can finally check supercomputer off my list of things to check out this week. I’d like to relate to you here a few of “Big Rhody’s” capabilities as they were explained to me by Brown software engineer David Johnson (the bearded genius pictured above) but let’s just say there are chess players and then there are checkers players. I’m a checkers player… and he built a super computer. He did his best to explain the machine to me. I had to look him  in the eye and say  “talk to me like I’m 4.”  So far as I can tell, to get pictures from the surface of planet Mars to the east side of Providence, it used to take weeks. Now, with the supercomp, it will take a day. This beast is something like 1,300  times more computer than the one  in my lap right now.

I like that. Go big or go home.

Good job lads.

Now I want to do something super.



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