Alexion Pharmaceuticals

It’s been a couple days and I have a few things to catch up on here on the blog so I’l be brief. I went to shoot a story at Alexion Pharmaceuticals in the town I grew up in, Smithfield, on Friday. I certainly did burnouts on their secluded industrial park roads in 1996 but it turns out (jeez can it be 14 years later?) inside the facility is even more exciting. Peter Sheridan, Alexion’s director of QC tried his best to explain to me what their product (Solaris) treats to no avail (maybe I should have been doing my homework instead of burnouts in their parking lot 14 years ago?) Either way I ‘m still just a sucker for good science and it is always fun to be let behind the scenes to see smart people do there work.


fun fact: I don’t bother with lens caps (maybe it’s a Catholic thing) and on the way into this assignment I noticed my 30 was caked with lint and dust. I asked the security guard if he had a Kleenex or a napkin or anything behind the front desk I could use. He replied no all I have are these lens cleaners. What are the chances?

My Mom says I was born under a star.


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