I’m trying to edit, I really am. I keep getting distracted though. I spent most of the morning reading about “Nothing Lasts Forever,” Roderick Thorp’s 1979 novel inspired by the 1974 film, The Towering Inferno staring Steve McQueen and the basis for John McTiernan’s 1988 (best) film (ever made) Die Hard.

Finally, I decided to go to the Community College of Rhode Island computer lab. They have better computers than I do and it’s an office like environment that I though might force me into action.

But alas… the afternoon sun lighting the crosswalk on the way in got the better of me so here I sit blogging instead of editing like I should be. I was so close.



5 Responses to “Yippy-Ki-Yay”

  1. I won’t even get into how long it took me to figure out book titles need to be in quotes while film titles are Italicized.

    You learn something every day.

  2. On the item being carried by the person on the sign who is wearing a dress, there is a pinkish image with, perhaps, a smiley. Did you put it there? If so, that is cheating, retouching a photo to add interest/drama, etc.
    Or did you deface the sign, (public property), for similar reasons? Hmmmm…

  3. You’ve struck a nerve fretted. Yes, that would make me a cheater. Like Mark McGwire. So no, I wouldn’t do that because RTC wins fair and square. One could make an argument that even adding light (like a flash) to a situation or removing elements of a scene (by the way the picture is framed) is a type of manipulation. We could probably have a tri-beer conversation over B+W pictures. The world is color. So are they truth or are they some surreal cousin? Digitally adding elements and defacing public property for picture’s sake though are pretty clear violations of most professional’s code of ethics.

    (oddly enough, defacing public property after a 3 beer ethics conversation is totally fine… I’m a puzzle)

    What you see there is an orange Obey Giant sticker that was put on the sign sometime before my camera and I showed up. It is a derivation of Shepard Fairey’s “Andre the Giant has a Posse” campaign when he was at RISD. Want to really get you mind blown? Try to figure out the legal battle Fairey is currently involved in over his alleged(?) use of a AP picture for his famous Obama “Hope” posters.

    here’s some links:

    in case you were wondering where I stand on B+W pictures… They are fine. They are fine because dogs are man’s best friend and dogs are color blind. checkmate.

  4. Don’t you mean Yippee- RY-Yay?

  5. This was the most intellectually stimulating post from you that I can freely recall my friend. Film and literary influence lists, discussions of ethics, tidbits on a famous artist with a local connection… I could go on, but seriously; so informative. Also, quite a nifty shot there.

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