Pilot Gig

Above are some shots from an assignment I had in Warren on Saturday. Don Betts and his crew of 6 first time boat builders are constructing a 31 foot pilot gig they intend to enter in a race this summer. This is a perfectly respectable feature story and I wish Betts and the gals the best of luck in all their maritime endeavors.

But thats not the real reason I wanted to drop a blog on you.

No, the real reason is that there is another photographer who happens to lives in Warren and he’s been on my case to post up some of his picture from the other night. I should start from the beginning. Remember the Faschingpost from about a week ago? Well that night this other photographer (we’ll just call him by his initials, RJW) commandeered my camera and fired off a few unflattering frames of ole ‘Cowboy Ryan’. I look like Boss Hogg. I hope you’re happy RJW. You’d just better hope Megan doesn’t see these and make me start eating less and exercising because I’ll jog all the way  to Warren to do two things:

Kick some ass and build some boat

… and it looks like they’re almost done with the boat.



One Response to “Pilot Gig”

  1. Ha ha ha ha . . . I’ve just wet myself. If you are jogging all the way to Warren do me a favor . . . stop at Shaws and pick me up some juice, some milk (2%), cheese, bread and . . . oh yeah some new underwear . . . coz I’ve just soiled myself from the shear terror of being ass-whipped by a cowboy in tight jeans. Better bring the nun chucks!!

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