This week I was asked if I had any pictures of a certain radio reporter in the field and I had to go through my archive of images in search of her pics. I came across a few and I thought, since I’ve been looking at them for a few days, maybe you’d like to see them too.



5 Responses to “HQ”

  1. I figure this is the best way to get in touch with Sean.

    Hey Sean-

    Hope all is well in Baltijor. Everything here is pretty much the same. Kev’s car is totalled but he wasn’t hurt. I haven’t seen Dora but I’m sure she’s in good hands with Mike and Doug, I’ll get over there this week to check on her. School, Bronson and work are all going fine, we finally found Jan. The potholes are getting pretty bad around here, somebody should call the mayor about that. Lots of wind last night, some limbs fell on the street but they seem to be taken care of. Saw Shutter Island a few nights ago. Not Scorsese’s best but that Leo can do no wrong in my eyes, I think you’ll like it.
    OK gotta get some sleep. Hope this finds you well.


    It’s your turn in scrabble.

    Not your best post Ry.

  2. Hey Joram thanks for the up date. I’m doing well. I played the scrabble it’s your turn now. Oh hey Ryan I am glad to see you did a blog on Meg, keep it up and she looks beautiful. Don’t get lazy on the blogs i’m keeping up on you. See you all this weekend.

  3. OK? That’s it? Nobody wants to order a pizza or anything right?

  4. see you all this weekend? you said we get 75 days.

    stay out of this ry.

  5. megan looking her sexiest

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