Patrick pix

Election season is right around the corner. I took yesterday to go through a bunch of old pictures and see what I had for stock in case I get a call from an editor looking for a picture of so-and-so. Above are a couple shots of Rhode Island’s AG, Patrick Lynch. I threw them together as a diptych, and it isn’t perfect, but there’s just somethin that got me about the red and white together. The left being so sparse and the right so busy. The Spiderman shirt didn’t hurt either. In any case his hat is in the ring to be the 74th* Governor of my beloved Ocean State so we’ll see what happens.


* if you count Dorr (which I don’t really but I live in Fed Hill now so what the heck.)


2 Responses to “Patrick pix”

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  2. It also looks like a mini-Lynch looking up at a jumbo-Lynch, but I’m sure you intended that with the diptych.

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